Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unlike Flavors

I'm fascinated by sweet and savory combinations of flavors as well as the marriage of unlike flavors. I found a recipe for strawberry shortcakes with balsamic and black pepper syrup. just click the link to get the recipe

It inspired me to try making Strawberry + Black Pepper Sherbet with a balsamic syrup...

...stay tuned for the results...

My Sherbets:

a delicious combo- the tartness of the lemon is mellowed out by the subtle flavor of basil.
Very light and refreshing.

lychee flavor perfumes the sherbet beautifully, exotic. Goes very well with a touch of raspberry syrup/coulis. Floral and sweet.

no-dairy, creamy from the coconut milk. Sweet tropical flavor with a coconut aftertaste.

Mandarin Orange-Vanilla:
has the flavor profile of an orange julius or orange creamsicle. Bright with citrus flavor, softened by vanilla. Smooth, fruity, and familiar.

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