Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wow, I kinda fail at keeping up with this blogging business.. BUT here I am again with a quick update.

Been super busy with work and churning out food & bubble teas.
Does Anyone know a cheap supplier for bubble tea ingredients that doesn't charge ridiculous shipping fees?

Tapioca is a bitch to keep at a good texture- on the search for soft and yummy bubbles.
Any advice on maintaining their softness? I boil them longer than the instructions to keep them softer through the day-my theory is then they'll take longer harden up and soak them in syrup which allows for the flavor to seep in.

Flavor suggestions for the bubble teas or smoothies?

Update on the sherbets/ sorbets-
I finally got an ice cream machine- No more manual breaking of the mixture lol, it's pretty quick and simple now and I recently made a honeydew sorbet and the lemon-basil sherbet again but this time put in some black pepper for more texture. I really haven't been taking pictures x.x Gonna work on getting a small digital cam.


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