Monday, May 14, 2012

Loving the warm weather, excited for what the rest of spring/summer has in store- looks like Vegas/Caribbean?....fingers are crossed I need to get out more. ... It's harder and harder to get people together and spend time enjoying one another's company, I find myself trying to reach out to old classmates and other people I met during my high school years. Reminiscing on group gatherings, stupid moments, friends who are no longer friends but are now almost total strangers. I want to contact them somehow and just be like " hey, remember me? I miss you " We would need to bridge the gap made by Time and Distance to perhaps begin/continue a friendship again, but is the desire there? You need both parties to give a $#%^ and even then- it's outside most peoples' comfort zones-outside of their own stable group of friends, is the desire there? .... ....

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