Saturday, September 14, 2013

Once again I'm terrible at this blogging business.....

It's now fall of 2013, this is another attempt to be consistent with posting.
New things have been happening and I think it's time I post something again.

I made the decision to go back to school after a long hiatus.
Culinary school to be exact. ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). 3 days a week I'm boarding a 6:30am bus to Port Authority and taking a subway to 23rd street to attend my morning Management classes. The first few classes were hell- I set my alarm at 5:00am and it blares until 6:00am while I gather the willpower to drag myself out of bed and try to make myself look halfway decent. Fresh coffee awaits me in class but it's too early to try to socialize with the 15 other students that make up the class.

These other students are from all walks of life, some who are doing a complete career change, some who already own their own restaurant/business, others fresh from high school trying to break into the food industry business etc. I sit quietly nursing my coffee, go over my notes and try to organize my thoughts.


Why culinary school?

I want to own my own business, I have a wide range of interests and have dabbled in much but I have the most experience with the food industry. The goal would be to eventually open up a restaurant with my own concepts for the menu and successfully train a team of people to make this a reality. I feel that I can get a stronger foundation in cooking techniques & business management through the school that I would otherwise have a hard time trying to figure out just through experience alone. I believe that it is possible to be successful in the food/hospitality industry without formal schooling for it, people who hail from the "hard-knock" school, but I also think that a formal culinary education will help me in my real-world experience - basically get on the fast track of things instead of doing everything the hard way. It is the same vice-versa, school can't take the place of being on the job and experiencing the heat (har har har)- I want to be more efficient about this which is why I am taking both the Management Program & the Culinary Arts Program.

Why ICE?
I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people trying to gain some more perspective to answer the question:
"Is it worth it?"
What really tipped the scales was the Management program that ICE offered that the other schools have not yet integrated and of course the discount they offered for students taking both Culinary & Management. I want to OWN MY OWN BUSINESS. This class is focused on analyzing the food industry, breaking down the components of "management" & forming a successful business plan.

For the next few months I'm going to blog about my experience with the Culinary Arts & Management program through ICE.
(My cooking classes start on October 24th)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Loving the warm weather, excited for what the rest of spring/summer has in store- looks like Vegas/Caribbean?....fingers are crossed I need to get out more. ... It's harder and harder to get people together and spend time enjoying one another's company, I find myself trying to reach out to old classmates and other people I met during my high school years. Reminiscing on group gatherings, stupid moments, friends who are no longer friends but are now almost total strangers. I want to contact them somehow and just be like " hey, remember me? I miss you " We would need to bridge the gap made by Time and Distance to perhaps begin/continue a friendship again, but is the desire there? You need both parties to give a $#%^ and even then- it's outside most peoples' comfort zones-outside of their own stable group of friends, is the desire there? .... ....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

smh.... I'm so terrible at this blogging business.
Life is inundated with all these social networking things

back to this food stuff:
Unfortunately I haven't been experimenting too much with cooking lately but I have been messing around with drink concoctions with teas and juices.

Cranberry Cooler:
lemon-ginger tea with cranberry juice
shaken with a piece of fresh ginger and garnished with a wedge of lemon
Really refreshing! =)

Playing with peppermint tea but haven't struck any wonderful ideas just yet....any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wow, I kinda fail at keeping up with this blogging business.. BUT here I am again with a quick update.

Been super busy with work and churning out food & bubble teas.
Does Anyone know a cheap supplier for bubble tea ingredients that doesn't charge ridiculous shipping fees?

Tapioca is a bitch to keep at a good texture- on the search for soft and yummy bubbles.
Any advice on maintaining their softness? I boil them longer than the instructions to keep them softer through the day-my theory is then they'll take longer harden up and soak them in syrup which allows for the flavor to seep in.

Flavor suggestions for the bubble teas or smoothies?

Update on the sherbets/ sorbets-
I finally got an ice cream machine- No more manual breaking of the mixture lol, it's pretty quick and simple now and I recently made a honeydew sorbet and the lemon-basil sherbet again but this time put in some black pepper for more texture. I really haven't been taking pictures x.x Gonna work on getting a small digital cam.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unlike Flavors

I'm fascinated by sweet and savory combinations of flavors as well as the marriage of unlike flavors. I found a recipe for strawberry shortcakes with balsamic and black pepper syrup. just click the link to get the recipe

It inspired me to try making Strawberry + Black Pepper Sherbet with a balsamic syrup...

...stay tuned for the results...

My Sherbets:

a delicious combo- the tartness of the lemon is mellowed out by the subtle flavor of basil.
Very light and refreshing.

lychee flavor perfumes the sherbet beautifully, exotic. Goes very well with a touch of raspberry syrup/coulis. Floral and sweet.

no-dairy, creamy from the coconut milk. Sweet tropical flavor with a coconut aftertaste.

Mandarin Orange-Vanilla:
has the flavor profile of an orange julius or orange creamsicle. Bright with citrus flavor, softened by vanilla. Smooth, fruity, and familiar.

Friday, February 18, 2011

mee goreng craving

had a craving for mee goreng that I just had to satisfy after looking up different variations and pictures of it online. Too yummy to pass up.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

always busy busy with workkkkk~ business is picking up and the next open mic night is on Feb 13th- Sunday! I'm nervous about Valentine's day~ I hope that it doesnt get out of control...i'd hate to ruin someone's valentine's day dinner >.<