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Hidden Cafe Retreat: Glasshouse @ Chijmes

Looking for an instagram-worthy cafe? Glasshouse at Chijmes is worth seeking out. The space is bright with natural light, chic light wood aesthetic and artistically littered with greenery to create picturesque nooks. The best part is that it's not just pretty - the drinks and toasts were tasty too, and at approachable prices!

Onto the Food & Drink:

The menu was one page, simple descriptions which made for easy ordering especially for people like me who get caught up in Paradox of Choice dilemmas. I was still caught up between getting the Single Origin Chocolate - Pisa (Haiti 68%) or Oko Caribe (Dominican Republic 72%) but the person at the counter patiently told me more about each, let me try the different chocolates and in the end I ended up blending the two anyways. The hot chocolate was perfectly rich without being too heavy.

A big pro of affordable pricing is that I can order more things to try without feeling the pinch. First up was the Classic Salmon which was a real trea…
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Tonkatsu Restaurant: Imakatsu @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

Living in CBD really has its perks, I love that it is relatively quiet on PH & weekends since the offices are closed. The mister and I popped by Tanjong Pagar Centre for an early dinner before our movie date and decided on Imakatsu since we both haven't had tonkatsu in a while.

After a quick look through the menu I decided on the Mentaiko Loin Cutlet Zen & he decided on Premium Katsu Don, a hot Ontama Udon, and a couple mugs of beers.

Our server seemed very inexperienced and had difficulty with taking our orders but he eventually seemed to get everything down.

The meal started with a huge bowl of fresh cabbage (free flow! don't mind if I do) which I happily munched on while waiting for our food.

Generous serving of Mentaiko over the katsu but I was a little bit disappointed that it was not as flavorful and savory as I was hoping for and since it was rather plain and not mixed with any sauce it was a bit dry on top of the fried pork. While I enjoyed the pork, I had slig…

I'm Kim Junior BBQ Buffet @ *SCAPE

I had a irresistible urge to eat Korean BBQ after watching a bunch of mukbangs while the mister was away on a business trip, so when he returned and asked me what I would like for dinner.... "Korean BBQ please!!!"

We showed up at I'm Kim Junior in time for our 9:00pm reservation and were promptly seated. A server came over to fill up the hotpot with the soup for our DIY Budae Jigae (army stew), pack of noodles and a slice of cheese. It was my first time having having diy army stew with AYCE korean bbq so I was quite excited and almost overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

The hostess politely told us that the buffet set up will be cleared by 10:00pm upon seating us so that we had an idea as to when to gather our last plates of meats/veggies.

There was a good variety of meats both marinated & unmarinated, and while we enjoyed the marinated chicken especially "volcano chicken" we focused on the pork & beef after trying a bit of everything because it cooke…

The Salted Plum @ Circular Rd

I was trolling the interwebs when I spotted that The Salted Plum was officially open Wednesday March 21st so I quickly booked a table for dinner for the day after. As the day rolled around I was starting to see photos from their opening day which got me even more excited to try it out.

The Salted Plum is conveniently located on Circular Rd, right by Boat Quay, I walked there from home - which was only a 15 minute walk but was sweating by the time I arrived to meet my dinner companions. The carafe of iced red tea was perfect for cooling me down.  The space itself was cheerfully lit (great for taking pictures, maybe not so flattering for my wrinkles) and while not big it didn't feel too cramped. Super affordable Taiwanese "tzi char" small dishes that are great for sharing and perfect for people like me who just want to try "everything". The menu is easy to navigate with prices mainly S$5 & S$10, the most expensive items being lobster at S$25. (Lunch bowls are…

Irodori Japanese Buffet @ Four Points by Sheraton

I had a serious sushi craving on Saturday and decided to go to a Japanese buffet but it was a bit late in the day when I made this decision so many places were already fully booked. I managed to get a reservation at Irodori where they informed me that it will be a counter seat, which I didn't mind at all since it will provide a good view of what the sushi chefs are doing.

Orders were made a-la-carte to the waitress which was a bit awkward in my opinion since she stood there while I flipped through the extensive menu listing multiple orders of different things. There is a bit of a disconnect when the pictures are not next to the item they are depicting as I was naturally inclined to look at the photo first (with only a number next to it) and then try and match it to the number to check what it was and tell the waitress the name of what I want because they do not take the order by the number which would have been a lot more efficient.  As a result there was a few order errors becaus…